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Near to the centre of Town, the Port of Corfu is a busy and well-protected haven from which cruise ships, international ferries, local ferries, tour operators and many other services operate. It is a 45 minute car or taxi journey from the Port to Roda or there is a daily bus service from the nearby Green Bus Station.
The Port offers several ferry routes connecting the Island to both the Greek mainland and Italy throughout the year. There are at least eight ferry companies providing sailings to Corfu during the summer months, and perhaps the most popular route with most visitors from mainland Europe is the one connecting Corfu to the Venice Marittima Ferry Port Terminal.
Most ferry companies offer a wide range of facilities and prices can vary considerably. Apart from travelling as deck passengers without a cabin, passengers can book an airplane type seat for extra overnight comfort. The cabins roughly fall into five categories ranging from four-berth inside cabins to three-berth outside cabins. If you are a friendly sort of person, you can ask to share a cabin with someone else – this does keep the cost down. Disabled passengers are catered for with slightly larger rooms and better shower/wc facilities, but the rooms are limited in number and cannot be pre-booked. Disabled passengers need to report to reception on boarding the ferry. With some ferry companies, those wishing to      
drive a caravan or camper to Corfu between April 1 and October 31, can use the ‘Camping on Board’ option, thereby paying only Deck Passenger prices and sleeping in their own vehicle on a secure car deck. Free electrical hook-up is provided. All ferry companies specify three different seasons and their prices do vary accordingly.
Founded in 1972, Minoan Lines is one of the major ferry operators serving Corfu. Their 2008 schedule operates services on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, arriving some 24 hours later in Corfu. Some ferries will call in at Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland first, so timings do vary. Winter departure days vary according to the different periods in Minoan’s timetable.
Anek Lines, originally founded with the help of residents of Crete, operates a service to Corfu on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday between the dates March 22 & October 22. In the winter, they only sail directly to Corfu on Tuesdays but passengers can still disembark at Igoumenitsa on other days and catch a local ferry shuttle to Corfu. Anek’s timings are about 26 hours.
Ancona is a bustling ferry port about one third of the way down the ‘leg’ of Italy. It is easy to reach on the excellent Italian autostradas and it is the departure point for three ferry companies serving Greece – Anek Lines, Minoan Lines & Superfast Ferries. None of them come        
directly to Corfu, so passengers would have to disembark at Igoumenitsa and catch a local ferry. The overnight sailings from Ancona are about 15½ hours and the local ferry another 1½ hours.
If you want to reduce the sailing time to Corfu, then Bari & Brindisi are right down on the ‘heel’ of Italy
and offer the shortest, most regular crossings to the Island, particularly during the summer months. There are six ferry companies currently operating these routes. They are Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries, Ventouris Ferries, Endeavour Lines, Agoudimos Lines & SNAV. The crossings take about eleven hours from Bari and six from Brindisi. Remember that schedules do change according to the seasons.
All four ports are served by budget airline flights from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Belgium & France. See our page ‘By Air’ for flight details.

To check the ferry company of your choice, click on the link below: