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with a wide range of local liqueurs, including the famous Corfiot Kumquat & Lemoncello, there is extra-virgin olive oil from the northern village of Avliotes – just a twenty minute drive from Roda, and all manner of herbs so that you can recreate your favourite Greek meal in the comfort of your own home.
With modern constraints on luggage allowance, why pay for excess kilos when you can leave all your beauty products behind and buy deliciously smelling shampoos, gels, body creams and all sorts of olive oil based products right here at Acropolis. Both your skin, and your pocket, will be getting a real treat!
There are many more things to look at in’ The Acropolis’ and there is a wide range of very affordable jewellery and lots of hand-crafted gifts to take home with you. Whether you have just a little pocket money to spend or you are looking for a special gift for a special person, there is something here for you.
Make ‘Acropolis’ your first stop in Roda – it would be a shame to find all these wonderful gifts on your last day!
Local olive oil at Acropolis Shop, Roda
Handmade ceramics at Acropolis, Roda
Corfiot liqueurs, kumquat, lemoncello, Ouzo & tsipouro
Contact Acropolis
Acropolis Gift Shop, Roda, Corfu, Greece
The ‘Acropolis’ Gift Shop is situated on the beach-front in the very centre of Roda and opens every day from 9:30 am until 11:30 pm.
The Acropolis has many gifts that you will simply not find anywhere else in Roda, including original ‘Murano’ glass jewellery, Corfiot hand-made ceramics and hand-painted glass.
Buy a gift from Acropolis, and you will look forward to giving it to your friend as much as they will enjoy receiving it – you may even find a little something for yourself. Together  
affordable range of jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets
Unusual decorative items at Acropolis, Roda
Murano glass jewellery at Acropolis, Roda, Corfu
Local handmade gifts, painted glass

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Acropolis Gift Shop - Roda, Corfu, Greece
Opening Hours: All year; 9:30 until 23:30

Email or Tel: (0030) 26630 63394
Gift Shop
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