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Pixida Italian Restaurant

Roda, Corfu, Greece.

"The Enthusiasm For Life Is Like What Hunger Is For Food" - Bertrand Russell

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Pixida Restaurant, also known as The Compass, has, since 2004, been that corner of Roda where good food and a delightful Italian experience can be enjoyed together. Over the centuries, Italy has had a great influence on Corfiot cuisine, but this is Roda's only dedicated Italian restaurant.

Salvatore and his team welcome everyone into this elegant and sophisticated restaurant to enjoy delicious Italian dishes made fresh on the premises to ‘order,' or
'a la minute!' Everything from the bread, pasta and pizzas to the indulgent desserts are made by hand, with love.
Pixida is found on one corner of the crossroads at the head of the village, opposite Tropicana Bar. The restaurant has been carefully & tastefully arranged so that customers can find just that seating area that suites them best .. be it two people or a group.
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From an outside terrace, through a smart dining room sheltered by drapes, to an inside area for those cooler days, there is a perfect place for each diner. There is even a ‘private’ area that can be separated from the rest of the room.
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Here you can study the enticing menu, not just pasta and pizzas, all dishes lovingly prepared, with the pizzas cooked in an authentic wood burning oven for that proper Italian taste.

To begin the dining experience there is a varied choice of starters, from a mixed selection for two ‘Tagliere Misto’ for that romantic meal. This generous dish served on a wooden platter ‘a la Jamie Oliver’ demonstrates all the tastes and textures of genuine Italian food, from the delicate deep fried bread crumbed rice balls surrounding melting mozzarella cheese to a mixed bruschetta, a tomato and mozzarella salad, to a selection of cured meats and Italian cheese, every mouthful is a delight.
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Do not miss the other mouthwatering and authentic dishes on offer that include risottos, exciting salads, handmade gnocchi, steak and chicken dishes, a small but tasty selection of seafood, and that great Italian dish of Osso Bucco.
This classic is slowly cooked in red wine to create the true flavours of the Mediterranean and melting tenderness. Children are very well catered for with a selection of favourite pasta and pizza dishes.
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Room must be left for the heavenly desserts so typical of Italy, from creamy Tiramisu, to a delightful light lemon cream tart and ice cream. If you really couldn't eat another thing ... then share one, as they must not be missed.

You will be glad to have experienced the great food at Pixida from Salvatore, one visit is never enough.

Pixida also has a well-stocked bar area and, of course, good Italian coffee.