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Nikos Family Taverna

Welcome to Nikos Family Taverna, the most traditional of Greek restaurants and certainly one of the oldest in Roda. In 1982, Niko’s family started the restaurant and their enterprise is continued today in the capable hands of Nikos, his wife Loukia (Lucy) and, on an increasing basis, their sones Yiannis & Andreas.

Another tradition passed down since the restaurant opened almost thirty years ago is the use of top-quality, locally sourced ingredients to produce only the very best of Greek & Corfiot dishes. In addition to a superb restaurant, Nikos will provide any of his meals for you to take away with you, together with a range of pizzas, souvlakia & pittas.
Nikos Family Restaurant
Nikos Family Restaurant
Opening early every day, Nikos Family Taverna is a popular venue for English & Continental breakfasts and you will find the most wonderful selection of authentic dishes available throughout the rest of the day and late into the evening.

With the tradition in Greece of providing ‘mezes,’ those tasty little morsels that get your appetite going, there is no shortage of imaginative starters on Niko’s menu. Fish & meat, Seafood & sausages, vegetables & cheese & a take-away counter – there is literally something for everyone.
Of course, the reputation of a restaurant like Niko’s is built not only on service, but on the quality & variety of the special dishes that bring visitors back time & time again. Dishes such as ‘Tsoureki’ – a hotpot full of wonderful flavours, ‘Exohiko’ – lamb, potatoes & herbs, cooked in a parcel, and ‘Soutzoukakia’ – sausage-shaped meatballs in a rich tomato sauce. If it’s fish that you want, then Nikos has several dishes of bass & bream, mussels & prawns, and don’t forget the local favourites of ‘Sofrito’ – beef slices in a garlic sauce, and all manner of pasta dishes like the world-famous ‘Pastitsada’ from Corfu itself.
Nikos Family Restaurant
Nikos also has a well-stocked bar and you will find a large selection of beers, spirits & house wines, together with many other famous Greek varieties, some of which are produced locally.


Children are very much a part of the family in Greece where they are involved in all the daily meals and conversations. At Nikos Family Taverna, this tradition is extended to include all of their visitors & their familes, and everyone is catered for. As ever more holidaymakers discover Niko’s every year, the family just gets bigger & bigger.
Nikos Family Restaurant