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'The Drunken Sailor' Bar-Club

Drunken Sailor Bar-Club
Roda’s one and only Bar-Club has been in business for ten years providing something for everyone at the very heart of the village. The Drunken Sailor is a distinctive complex, open for up to twenty hours each day at the height of the season, and it offers a range of facilities unmatched in Roda.

On one site, there are several dedicated areas catering for individual needs. Whilst lingering over a beer or a cocktail, visitors can quietly relax outside in sumptuous chairs, they can sit around the bars both inside and outside and enjoy the music, or treat themselves to a snack at the Vasilis Grill Room. If you want to keep up with the latest UK soaps or your favourite sport – it’s all here at the Drunken Sailor. Alternatively, why not test your skills at pool, air hockey, video games and much more at Roda’s only amusement arcade – there is something here for everyone, no matter what age.

Drunken Sailor at night
At night, the Drunken Sailor comes into its own and it’s party time in Roda. When you’ve watched the late film in the unique Cinema Garden, it’s time for a show. Live performances by international artistes bring Elvis, Bob Marley and other acts directly to the stage in Roda. Here, you can literally dance the night away as the Club stays open until the last people leave.
Drunken Sailor

Of course, every business is as good as its people and Alex claims to have the best staff in the village, all of them extending a friendly reception to visitors from every corner of the world. With so much going on under one roof, and with the popularity of Alex and his team, it is little wonder that many people come to Roda just because of the Drunken Sailor; many of them paying a visit every day of their stay. Whatever entertainment you prefer when on holiday, it’s all here in one place – miss it at your peril!