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Drosia Taverna & Grill Room

Welcome to Drosia Greek Taverna, where for twenty-five years this family-run establishment has been welcoming both locals and tourists alike with an ample amount of  hospitality, and, of course, a truly traditional Greek menu.

Every day at Drosia there is a different Greek Special on the menu - specials which often highlight seasonal and local produce and seafood - and you will always find steadfast favourites from mouth-watering starters, ie tzatziki, taramousalata, dolmades, fried aubergines and courgettes, to traditional Greek and Corfiot dishes like stifado, pork roll, sofrito and pastitsada. Children's menu is always available as well as an array of Greek desserts.

If you happen to love grilled meats then you've come to the right place; Drosia has a full grill serving up everything from fish such as swordfish, squid, octopus and sole to chicken and pork souvlaki - that along with a karafe of Drosia's beautiful homemade wine and you've discovered Greek cooking at its best: fresh, simple and unbelievably good.

Drosia can easily accommodate large parties. There is ample seating - up to fifty- in the cool and shaded outdoor terrace. There is also seating indoors, and if you feel like taking away your meal to your accommodation, or perhaps to the beach, you're may do so with Drosia's full take-away menu.

You can find Drosia Taverna on the main road opposite Sunriders Motor Bike Hire and before the turn-off to Roda's Old Village. The next time you're in Roda please stop in to say hello - Drosia makes traditional and homemade food freshly cooked just for you!

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Drosia grill Room
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