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The Dolphin Restaurant

Dolphin Restaurant

As with the English village pub, the ‘kafeneon’ has, for centuries, been a traditional meeting place for local people. Usually situated in the very centre of the village, it is the place where the local men chewed over the political issues of the day and played backgammon to pass the time.

Dolphin from the beach

More than seventy years ago, Leonidas Alexakis opened the first ‘kafeneon’ in Roda and, with the advent of television, it became the only place to go to find out what was happening in the world. When international tourism arrived in the 60s, the Dolphin was turned into the fish restaurant that continues today, more or less in its original form. The Dolphin was, and still is, very much a family business with three generations of the Alexakis family ever present and fish is still by far the most popular dish on the menu.

The concept of family food being prepared from what is available on the day ensures that only the freshest of ingredients are served. At the Dolphin, this even applies to such popular dishes as stuffed peppers or tomatoes and when you order these the day before, it is likely that your peppers will still be on the plant! Naturally, there are all the Greek & Corfiot favourites here too – dishes like pastitsio, sofrito, stifado, kokkinisto, kleftiko, lemonato, soutsoukakia, spetsofai and so much more.

There are no airs & graces at the Dolphin, just good home-cooked food, freshly prepared by a member of the family and served in a traditional setting, just as it has for almost fifty years. Still very much at the centre of the village, the Dolphin story continues ….

Dolphin restaurant
Dolphin restaurant

Most mornings, Nikos will travel into Corfu Town to meet the local fishermen and buy what is best on the day. To get the very freshest & finest local tuna, you have to be out very early and the night’s catch is brought straight back to Roda for that day’s customers. If there is a particular fish that anyone wants, then give Nikos a day’s notice and it will be bought and prepared just for you.

Apart from the various well-known fish dishes on the menu, one of the Dolphin’s most popular treats is the famous fish platter comprising of monkfish, cod, red snapper & swordfish washed down with a carafe of ‘Karela’ wine and finished with a shot of locally made ‘tsipouro’ – fish-lovers heaven!