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Alexandros Taverna on the beach

Five Roses Restaurant

Alex is delighted to announce that the refurbishment of the former Golden Sand Taverna has been completed. This lovely taverna, originally established in 1970, has been renamed as Alexandros Taverna on the Beach, a complementary addition to Alexandros Taverna in the Village, formerly Smiley’s.

Alex’s involvement goes back many years, when, as a boy, he helped his family by waiting on tables, whenever he could, earning many tips, not always appreciated by the other waiters! In 1987 he took full control of the taverna, and many people will remember he ‘Good Old Days’ eating delicious food in the dappled shade of the overhead vines, looking out over the pellucid blue sea towards Albania, and back over the sands towards the village of Roda. The only sounds heard were the murmur of the lapping waves and the gentle buzz of conversation from people enjoying the whole experience. The Greek Nights were an experience of great dancers, lively Greek music and delicious food.

Five Roses by the beach

Unfortunately it closed for several years, and was missed by the former patrons, but having been used for Alex and Jane’s wedding in 2009, it was decided to refurbish and re-open under a new name.

In 2013 it opened, delightfully re-decorated in the traditional colours of Greece, with the addition of an upper terrace also shaded by overhead vines. The theme of 'Alexandros on the Beach' is one of traditional Greek food with a modern twist, lovingly prepared, using fresh local ingredients, where ever possible, by Maria Fotoula. Vegetarians will also be delighted at the choice available.

Five Roses by the beach

The large shady terrace, with its fantastic views is well worth the short walk from the village, either along the beach or the slightly longer route by road.

Alongside the terrace there is a tank holding the lobsters and fish, a small play area for children and free sunbeds on the adjacent beach for patrons.

For the total shade lovers there is a large indoor area housing the big screen TV and the pool table.

Five Roses fresh fish

'Alexandros Taverna on the Beach' is available for all those important family occasions, especially weddings, birthdays and christenings. Let us give you a day to remember where you can be assured of a totally enjoyable experience in the most delightful of settings.