What to Pack

CLOTHES - Roda enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with mild wet winters and hot dry summers. It is quite common for there not to be any rain whatsoever between May & September. In May, the sea temperature may be 16 degC, whereas in October it is 24 degC. This means that evening temperatures in early summer are lower than in the Autumn. If you are arriving in either of these months, it is wise to bring with you something warm for your evening stroll, especially after a day in the sun. Having said that, in both of these months you can expect to have many sunny days with daytime temperatures of up to 24 degC.

SHOES – Roda is a great place for walking and if you are planning to get out and about to see the countryside and villages, it is probably best to bring a good pair of shoes. Other than that, most people wear sandals for both day & night-time wear. There are several shops in Roda that sell sandals, and leather ones are a particularly good buy.

COSMETICS - Many of the brands you use at home are available in Corfu, although ranges can be limited in Roda itself. If it is just general day-to-day items that you need, then buy them here. Prices vary, with some things being dearer & some a little cheaper. There are larger supermarkets with more extensive ranges a few minutes away, but if there is a particular regime that you follow, play safe & bring it with you.

SUN LOTIONS – As you might expect, all the main brands are available here but they may cost a little more than at home, particularly if you usually buy from discount stores. However, sun lotions are heavy and you need to balance spending a few euros in Roda against carrying a heavier suitcase. The choice is yours.

MOSQUITO REPELLANT – Prevention is better than the cure, and all the supermarkets and mini-markets in Roda stock a wide range of mosquito repellents ranging from pump sprays to aerosols. You can get roll-ons for yourself, citronella candles and mosquito coils which you light & burn slowly on your balcony. One of the best repellents are the plug-in electrical units which use tablets inserted onto a hot pad or the type which come with a liquid jar. Very effective is lavender oil which can be bought in ready-made preparations or mixed yourself from essential oils with some sort of a light base. Finally, don’t forget the one used by the armed forces – Avon’s ‘Skin So Soft’. It’s entirely up to you to find whatever suits you best.

FOOD – other than people with special dietary needs, just about everything you could possibly want can be bought in Roda. There are importers of goods from other countries based in Corfu Town and they deliver daily to all the villages. Mini-markets in Roda have responded to the needs of their customers and they do stock a selection of familiar products catering for most tastes. If there is not the particular brand you are looking for, then try something else, they are usually much the same and often cheaper. There is now a ‘bio’ shop in the next village.

MEDICATION – If you have the need, then most medication can be purchased from the village pharmacy at the Roda crossroads. Medicines here often have a different name, but pharmacists do speak other languages and they do have reference books to identify the exact equivalent. As with many other drugs, antibiotics can be bought here over the counter if you know precisely what you want – otherwise you will need a prescription from a local doctor. Always keep receipts as you may be able to claim when you get back home. If you are in any doubt at all, bring your own medication with you together with information leaflets for specific drugs. If you want a good cream for insect bites, then bring some ‘Anthisan’ with you or, better still, buy ‘Fenistil’ gel in Roda.

ELECTRICAL – Roda has a 220v electrical supply, which is usually within the range of voltages quoted on electrical items. Mains adaptors are needed, but if you do forget then don’t worry, you can buy them here. If you want to bring a mobile telephone with you, don’t forget the charger and, if you are in danger of taking too many photographs, bring along the USB lead for your digital camera. Discs can be bought at ’Roda Stop’ and photos can be downloaded at any one of the internet facilities in the Village. WiFi is available just about everywhere.

DON’T FORGET – for each person in your party, bring with you all travel tickets, travel insurance documents, contact details for your travel agent, name & location of your apartments, telephone number for your airport taxi, repeat prescription printout, patient information leaflets for medication that you take, spectacles prescription, passports, driving licences and, most importantly, your EHIC. Take photocopies of all documents and keep them in a separate location. Make sure that all documents are current for the duration of your stay in Roda. If you are planning to indulge in extreme activities, then make sure that your insurance company knows and has you covered.