Roda Entertainment

Mayday Festival
GREEK NIGHTS – One of the most popular evenings with visitors to Roda, there is usually a Greek Night somewhere in the village every day throughout the season. There is lots of traditional music & dancing and if you want to join in, you will be made most welcome. There is a complete cross-section of dancers to enjoy, from semi-professional troupes in national dress to waiters & restaurant owners doing it themselves. Look out for announcements outside of the bars, restaurants & hotels.

FESTIVALS – The Greeks are great ones for local festivals and they run right through from Spring until the Autumn. The Roda ‘panagiri’ reappeared on Mayday, 2009 and has been attracting big crowds ever since. Within a short distance of Roda, there are festival taking place right through the season – they are usually evening affairs with lots of music, dancing, spit-roast lamb, kebabs and, of course, wine. Visitors are made to feel most welcome, you can even join in with the traditional dancing! Look out for signs and banners around the island.

SPORTING EVENTS – The top attraction for the last six years has been the televised National Masters Beach Volley-ball competition on the beach in the middle of Roda. Stands are erected and banners unfurled, as the top teams from around Greece compete for the title. Roda has become a top venue for this popular annual event. The competition takes place over a period of three or four days in June.

Early June is a good time to watch the yachts taking part in the annual Brindisi to Corfu Regatta as they reach the last leg of their journey and the yachts come into view on the horizon. Some years there is also a meeting of the Corfu Racing Club just outside of the village.

MUSIC – Many of Roda’s bars & restaurants provide music for you enjoy on those long hot evenings. Apart from recorded favourites, there are performers giving live jam sessions, rat pack tributes & Elvis impersonators. The variety of live music changes during the season as new acts are found and promoted.

KARAOKE – Very popular with many of Roda’s visitors, there are karaoke sessions in a number of bars & hotels with tens of thousands of songs available for you to entertain us with. If you have not tried it before, then perhaps the warm summer evenings in Roda will tempt you!

– Each year in Roda, we see a number of singers, musicians, comedians and other speciality acts. Check out your favourite venue for details.

– Most nights someone, somewhere runs an evening quiz. With subjects such as TV, Sport, Movies, General Knowledge, & Entertainment, there is something for everyone.

– International sporting events are televised daily at many bars around Roda. So don’t miss out on what your team is up to while you are away!

– Not the most obvious pastime in the Village, but if you do want to play bingo while in Roda, one or two places can help.