Roda for the Less Able

Roda is Accessible - Travelling abroad can be a daunting prospect for the less able and presents new challenges for both travellers and their companions. In terms of accessibility, mobility & size, Roda is an excellent choice of resort and presents the perfect opportunity to visit a traditional Greek island village. Because of its compactness and its level ground, Roda allows visitors of all abilities to enjoy the Greek summer and sample the famous hospitality of Corfu. We welcome any questions regarding disabled issues from those wanting to visit Roda and we will always be absolutely honest in our response.
Clear Communication - If you are thinking of booking a holiday in Roda, you should be very clear about your specific requirements and communicate them clearly to your tour organiser. You will need to inform your airline of your limitations so that accessible seats can be reserved, special diets catered for and boarding & disembarking arrangements made. Your tour operator will need to inform the airline if you need to take a wheelchair or other special equipment, and you will need to know what facilities exist at both airports to get you to and from your flight. There are always alternative methods available and you should repeat your needs to everyone you encounter along the way.
Tell your tour organiser, the people at airport check-in, any special airport disabled centres and finally the cabin crew on your flight. Be very specific about your requirements so there is no doubt whatsoever. The service for disabled passengers at Corfu Airport is excellent and passengers who cannot use steps will be taken from the aircraft by ‘ambulift’ and escorted to the baggage reclaim area. When leaving Corfu, all disabled passengers assemble at Gate 5 regardless of which gate their flight is boarding from, there will be passengers from several different flights. Disabled travellers usually board the aeroplane prior to the main gate opening.
Level ground
Get Covered! - You should always make sure that you have adequate insurance cover and bring sufficient medication with you for the duration of your stay plus a little extra to cover delays. Keep clearly labelled medication in your hand luggage and bear in mind the current restrictions on liquids.

It is always best to get a letter from your doctor confirming that you need your medication with you just in case you are questioned. Wheelchair users and others with special equipment can expect to be thoroughly scanned before leaving their home country and you should remember that this is for your own safety and that of your fellow passengers.
Help is at hand - Roda is used to helping disabled visitors and assistance always close at hand. You may also find that a transfer from the airport to Roda is more comfortable. If you do use a taxi to get from the airport to the Village, remember to inform the taxi company at the time of booking of any additional requirements. Finally, if you have any concerns at all, use the Roda Online Forum, sending a personal message to ‘artisans’ or use the contact form on the site.