Roda Food & Drink

GREEK - Greek cookery is typical of Mediterranean cuisine, making wide use of olive oil, grains and bread, wine, fish and various meats. Greece has an ancient culinary tradition dating back several millennia, and over the centuries Greek cuisine has evolved and absorbed numerous influences and influenced many cuisines. In Roda today, there are numerous restaurants continuing these traditions and providing superb dishes cooked as they always have been.
A table at Alexandros Restaurant
CORFIOT – The cuisine of Corfu includes simple ingredients and recipes, originating from the Ancient Greek and Roman cuisine and, in particular, 400 years of Venetian influence. It has managed to survive through time and is rich in colour and imagination, it is inextricably tied in with the colourful history of the island and this is what makes the food here so different from the rest of Greece.

These dishes for which Corfu is rightly famous are proudly celebrated in restaurants throughout Roda.

BRITISH – Since the advent of tourism in the 1960s, British food has been in demand in Roda. Fried Breakfasts, Sunday Roasts & a whole host of other well-known dishes are available in the Village.

– If it’s spicy, Mexican type cooking that you crave for, we’ve got just the place.
ITALIAN – Roda has an excellent Italian restaurant which serves all the famous dishes and more and with a proper pizza oven, authentic flavours are assured. If pasta & pizza is your thing, then it’s here waiting for you.
TAKE AWAY – Many of Roda’s restaurants offer a take-away service, & if you don’t see any signs, then just ask. No trip to the Village would be complete with trying souvlaki or a gyros pitta and we reckon that when you’ve tried them you will be back for more. Another must-have during your stay in the village is a cheese pie – something of a Greek institution, it is just one of a selection of pastries that is quite mouth-watering. Roda also has a grill-room selling fish & chips.

BEERS – A large selection of Greek and internationally famous beers are for sale all around the Village. There is even a local Corfiot beer now available on draught or in a bottle.
COCKTAILS – Something of a speciality with some bars boasting more than a hundred different mixtures. Just the thing to start off a memorable evening.
WINES – The list of wines is endless and, even though you may not know all of the names, just ask the locals for advice and they will find something suitable.

– A lot of the Roda locals drink green tea and there is a selection available in some places. As for coffee, Greeks often refer to ordinary instant coffee as ‘Nes’, meaning Nescafe, but the drink you will see most often is the famous ‘frappe’, mixed to perfection with your preferred blend of sugar & milk. All the modern coffees are here too, strong espressos, wonderful cappuccinos, milky lattes and don’t’ forget ‘ellinikos’ – the small greek coffee which is quite unique.

Visitors who may have 'special dietary needs' need not be too concerned as to whether eating at Roda’s variety of restaurants will be a problem. The restaurant owners and their chefs are more than willing to assist people with special requirements to be able to try local specialities and are very knowledgeable about the food they serve. For further information on this subject please ask on the Forum or send a message to us through the contact form.