Roda Best Buys

OLIVE WOOD – Four million or so olive trees means that there are several shops in Roda selling all manner of wonderfully grained wooden goods. From necklaces to coasters, picture frames to pepper mills, the selection is enormous. The perfect gift from the perfect resort.

OLIVE OIL PRODUCTS – Local olive oil is a real treat and is available in Roda in convenient containers for you to carry home with you. You will also find olive oil soaps, skin tonics, moisturisers, hand cream, suntan lotions & much more.
LEATHER GOODS – There are a number of leather workers around the Island and handbags & belts are always popular with Roda’s visitors.
JEWELLERY – Gold is good quality and relatively cheap in Corfu. Roda has a number of jewellers and some of the designs are quite stunning.

CIGARETTES – At around €40 for 200, cigarettes and other tobacco products are still a good buy in Corfu. Check how much your country will allow you to take home, for personal consumption.

LACE – As you might expect, handcrafted goods are very much a part of a traditional, rural society. The selection of lace, decorated tablecloths and crocheted goods is delightful.
CERAMICS – Pottery products are also a local tradition. Although many today are made especially for the tourist market, the patterns are very pleasing and representative of Corfu and its history. The olive is such an important part of Corfiot life that its virtues are extolled on ceramic products at every opportunity.
HONEY - with an abundance of wild plants growing, including thyme, sage and oregano in the Corfiot countryside on the mountains, home-produced honey an obvious item sold in Roda. Why not take some home to have on your toast or drizzled over yoghurt? It is a populer gift too. There are no regulations preventing honey to be taken from Greece.

WINES & SPIRITS – Most wines & spirits are cheaper in Corfu than in many other countries. Particularly popular with visitors to Greece are, of course, ouzo, tsipouro & raki. There are many brands available and each one has its own special taste. Grape varieties in Corfu have been bred over thousands of years to suit the local climate and the wines that they produce are very palatable. Don’t go looking for your favourite ‘cabernet’ or ‘fitou’, be adventurous and try a local ‘kakotrygis’ or ‘fidia’. If you like something more unusual, then try the famous sherry-like ‘mavrodafni’ from Patras or, even more memorable, ‘tendoura’ with its cinnamon & cloves flavour.

KUMQUAT – No visitor to Roda should leave without sampling that most local of products, the kumquat. Introduced from China in 1846, it was discovered that this small orange-like fruit flourished in Corfu because of the fertile soil & abundance of water– particularly in the region around Roda. A whole industry has emerged on the back of this unusual fruit. Apart from eating it in its natural form or using it in cooking, it can be used for making sweets, jams, syrups and liqueurs. Kumquat is rich in vitamins and also has other medicinal properties. Kumquat products make good souvenirs to take home, as this island is the only area in Greece cultivating this special fruit. A variety of kumquat products can be found in shops in Roda.
COTTON GOODS – Greece actually grows its own cotton and the ranges of clothes found in local shops are just the thing for hot summer days. With shirts & trousers for men and skirts & tops for ladies, why not shop for summer clothes while you are here. The styles are just that little more original and so well suited to Corfu’s hot summers.
SPONGES – Always good value in Greece & made famous by the sponge divers from Kalymnos.