Roda Essentials

Just about everything that you need to know for your holiday in Roda at the click of a button. Choose from any one of the eight boxes below and you will go straight to the specific subject of your choice.

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From clothing to medication - a guide to what you will need for your holiday in Roda

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There are few special health requirements for a trip to Roda - but a checklist is always useful

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Information about mobility, accessibility and other special needs

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A summary of the various types of accommodation available in Roda. Your plans start here ...

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Find out where you are in relation to all the other businesses and facilities in the village

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Roda's wide variety of cuisines is represented throughout the village. What is your preference?

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Daytime and evening entertainment in Roda - something for all tastes and all ages

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Relaxing in the sun, or something more adventurous - Roda provides a wide variety to suit all tastes

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Local people are very friendly, but a few well chosen words in Greek will get surprising results

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Treat yourself to a special memento of a holiday never forgotten or buy a unique gift for that special person back home